Tuesday, October 6, 2009

One Truth

One truth, one way ,
One God made man from clay.
One Word divinely writ
One response required to it.
One Saviour, one Lord,
The price required we can't afford.
One act upon the cross,
Salvation offered to the lost.
One Name above all names,
One power the rebel tames.
One heaven offered to men,
One Hell deserveth them.
One hope , one Redeemer
For the lost and foolish dreamer.
One blood, once shed,
One response to raise the dead.
One faith once delivered;
Angels rejoiced, demons quivered.
One life one true Friend,
Kneel to Him before the end.
One church ,the born-again,
Many deceptions surrounding them.
One enemy already defeated,
One throne the Saviour seated.
Innumerable angels in one accord
Direct their worship to the one true Lord
And multitudes of sin-stained men
Rejoice that their washed and join with them.

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