Monday, October 5, 2009

Yahweh of Armies

In an age when men seek to redefine God to fit their personal desires , it's beneficial to remind our selves that the Living God has a Name. Some 7,000 times in the holy scriptures the name of Yahweh is used to refer to the God of the Bible. Many translations follow the tradition of the Jewish scribes and use LORD in capitals where Yahweh is in the original. The God Christians worship is not Allah or Buddha or Krishna ;His Name is Yahweh.

This Name is used in a compound form many thousands of times eg Yahweh our Provider , Yahweh our Healer ,Yahweh our Righteousness culminating in the Name Jesus or Yeshua ,Yahweh our Salvation .

The most repeated compound Name for God in the Old Testament is usually translated LORD of Hosts which actually means Yahweh of Armies.

Following is a poem to Yahweh of Armies...but just a word of caution. The Name of the Lord is not to be treated lightly.The self-existent, self-sufficient,omnipotent,covenant-making and keeping God commands us to treat His Name with utmost respect. Gentle Jesus meek and mild is actually the all-powerfull, all-conquering Yahweh of Armies!

God of Majesty , God of Might,

God of Truth and God of Light.

Expressed within Your Holy Name,

Always sufficient , always the same.

I Am , you said , and will always be

Prefect and complete for eternity.

Untouched by distance , time and space,

Infinite Holiness, infinite Grace.

You stoop to meet with finite men

To reveal what can be revealed to them.

You call to the fallen to seek Your face

And in the Messiah we see your Grace.

Judgement and mercy meet and kiss.

At the cross the promise of eternal bliss.

At Your Holy justice we tremble in awe

But at Calvary to mercy You've opened the Door.

Angelic beings before Your throne

Gaze upon glories to men unknown

And yet to the fallen sons of men,

"In My image created" You say of them.

Yahweh of Armies, our Warrior King

Creator and Owner of everything.

We like sheep have wandered astray,

You bought us back, no more to pay.

Of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob You're Lord.

Apostles and prophets in one accord,

Sing of Your Glory with reverence and awe,

Rejoice in Your Grace and delight in Your law.

If only our tongues could be loosed to express

Your wonders as under the blood we rest;

Sinners washed and judgement ceased,

Reconciled , restored, at peace.

Transcendent God beyond and above,

Infinite Holiness , infinite love,

Eternal Glory in human form

Raised the dead and stilled the storm,

Enlightened the blind and unstopped deaf ears'

Demons tremble as you still men's fears.

Rejected by many but the chosen still tell

Of the God of Heaven called Immanuel.

Yahweh you said Elohim,

Eyes to pure to look on sin,

But the blood is on the Mercy Seat

In the face of Jesus our God we meet.

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