Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Devil you say

The chief exorcist of the Roman Catholic Church recently set the cat amongst the pigeons when he declared that Satan is alive and well and at work in the higher echelons of the Vatican Chief exorcist says Devil is in Vatican - Telegraph

A couple of things are surprising about this story.

But first... I'm not surprised that the Devil and or his demons exist and interfere in human lives.The testimony of scripture is very clear on this.

And I'm not surprised that evil spirits are hanging around the Roman Catholic Church.The Devil is very religious and loves to empower false religions that keep people away from the simple and powerful truths of the Eternal Gospel.

I'm also not surprised that believers have the authority in Christ to deliver people possessed by these unclean spirits.

I am surprised that someone in an influential position in the RCC has come out and openly testified about this satanic influence and although he is currently promoting his new book ,I suspect there is more to this story than first meets the eye.Conjecture is just conjecture but any organization that is working hard to bring in the end -times one world church is a master of subterfuge and disinformation.

I am also surprised that any high ranking Roman Catholic would have any success in casting devils out of anyone. Acts19:11-20 records some religious folks who took it upon themselves to cast devils out using the Name of Jesus even though they did not personally know Him. The results were not pretty ;naked and bleeding would be exorcists fleeing a mocking demon. This sounds similar to the RCC chief exorcist's description of those possessed by these foul spirits needing to be held down by a dozen men while the exorcism proceeds. This is not the Biblical pattern where a Spirit -filled believer simply commands the demon to leave...and it leaves!

I'm not one who sees a devil under every rock, but scripture is clear that they exist and can invade an individuals life;especially where the person in question has been dabbling in the occult,using mind-altering drugs or engaging in forbidden sexual activity (sex outside of marriage)and as I said before the devil loves powerless religion... but he hates and fears the clear uncompromised preaching of the Word of God.

If you are a blood washed believer in Christ ,you have authority over the devil and his minions and you can command devils to leave a person and they will ;but of course that person will still need to know and submit to the good news of Jesus the Redeemer and soon returning King.

For some reason these foul things love to take up residence in human "houses" .My emphatic advice to any one who feels they are troubled by evil spirits is to stay away from Romish priests (chief exorcists or not) and find a true born again Bible believing Christian and they can set you free by the power of the Name of Christ and more importantly let you know how to guarantee a demon free zone for eternity.


  1. Great post Glenn - keep em coming.

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    Try - Total Depravity.....that can sometimes rattle cages.