Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One World 'Church'

Every student of the Bible knows that in the last days there will be a one -world government,a global currency and a state sanctioned one world church.

And every one who keeps up with current events knows these things are coming to pass and gathering momentum.

By far the most dangerous of these three is the global religion which is being foisted upon the world even as we speak(write /read)

The question is how will the ancient serpent con,deceive and manipulate people to accept this Babylonian monstrosity?

I have a few thoughts on this(you knew I would)

First he will need to change our idea on what the church is from a Biblical view to a man-made humanistic religious view.

All you Biblical scholars know that the word church is from the Greek ,"ekklesia"which basically means "the called out ones".To put it simply the church is people.People called out of the world to be a special people to love,honour ,worship and serve the Living God. Biblically we don't GO to church we ARE the church. What we call the local church is simply the called out ones in a particular location gathered together.

Now many people today ,including Christians who should know better ,are confusing a religious ORGANIZATION with a faith ORGANISM.

The building where the called out ones meet is just bricks ,mortar and timber to keep the weather off the called out ones .It is not ,never will be and never has been "the church".

Similarly ,a religious institution ;whether local ,national or international is not a church no matter what name they put on their letterhead.

The church is people ;born again ,blood washed ,Jesus worshipping people.But the enemy of our souls must dilute and pollute that concept to get people to pledge allegiance to the syncretistic,idol worshipping ,Bible rejecting Christ denying organization to be known as the one-world church.

Now ,once the devil has convinced people that the church is an organization,there are several things he can do to further his agenda.

1/He can get get folks so sidetracked into growing,promoting and maintaining the institution that they are totally useless as far as furthering the goals of the Kingdom.That why "leaders" such as Rick Warren can say we need to focus on "deeds not creeds". You see a true believers allegiance is to Christ and not to a gathering of tares.The faithful rock the boat and mess up all those carefully laid out man-honouring plans. When the goal is to build an organization then all sorts of unscriptural nonsense can be introduced such as tithing,the untouchable"Lord's anointed,compulsory attendance at the "Lord's house "etc. Again Mr Warren has said "There is something greater we can do than preach the gospel and that is to help plant a "church".This institutionalised thinking is idolatry and perhaps blasphemy.Wasn't it Jesus who said "go out into all the world" He didn't say get them to come and help build a religious organization.

2/ The second thing that Satan can do once everyone is focused on buildings and religious businesses is to infiltrate the mess with leaders who are working to further his plans.Rick Warren is a case in point.He has boasted of being a member of the CFR(the Council of Foreign Relations).The CFR is well known as a secretive organization with a clear global agenda. Why is a high profile 'evangelical' leader involved with the CFR. This may explain why he can speak at various religious gatherings(Muslim.Jewish etc) and preach purpose but not Christ.

Or what about the well-known "Christian" leaders who are closely connected to the Rev.Moon.

Moon is a billionaire new-age cult leader who claims to be Christ and states that Jesus failed His mission and so he(Moon) had to come to complete the task. He is also connected to the Korean secret service and to the American CIA. Why would the likes of the late Jerry Falwell and the author and preacher/pastor Tim Lahaye and his wife Beverly be closely allied to this false Christ and false prophet.!....even to the point of preaching at Moon' s cult meetings and being financed by him.What possible purpose could these people have for this unholy alliance.I suspect all the names mentioned previously are Trojan horses...and they are not the only ones with ungodly connections. Why are so many highly visible "Christian" ministers Freemasons? Freemasonry is an idolatrous, demonically inspired globalist religion. What could have possessed Billy Graham,Robert Schuller and Oral Roberts to become high level Masons? How does that mesh with their professed faith in the Lord Jesus Christ?

And while I'm at it ,what is it with these high profile religious leaders who are members of Romish military orders. Rick Joyner seems quite proud of the fact that he is a Knight of Malta and Benny Hinn ,although a little more discreet, is a Knights Templar. To be in one of these orders it's necessary to pledge to do anything possible to further the Roman 'churches' agenda, a large part of which is bringing "the separated brethren" back to the embrace of Rome ,using any means necessary(including deceit)

Still not convinced ,how about the "pastor of the largest 'church' in the US denying Christ as the only means for reconciliation to God on National TV not once but twice ;and the same Joel Osteen declaring publically that Mormons are Christians and yet his building is still full each Sunday and he still gets to be keynote speaker at the Hillsong conference. What exactly does one need to do these days to be identified as a heretic?!

So the satanically inspired goal of a one world church is well on the way to fruition;but God is Sovereign ,He will protect His blood bought people .We still need to be obedient of course and be aware of the deception in our age and warn and alert our brethren as we have opportunity.

George Orwell wrote"To speak the truth in an age of almost universal deceit is a revolutionary act"We Christians need to be Holy Spirit led revolutionaries speaking the truth in love in the midst of a wicked and perverse generation

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