Thursday, May 6, 2010

Climate Change Hysteria Revives

Just when you thought the climate change scare was dead in the (not so rising)water,a gaggle of scientists have issued a document bemoaning the fact that people have turned off to the man-made scam.

Apparently the fact that scientists had been busted deliberately fudging the results of evidence to support their hyperventilating hypothesis, is insufficient reason to doubt what they say.

Thinking people have long noticed that climate does indeed change, from day to day and season to season, but those discerning doubters have been scorned and mocked as sceptics and deniers rather than logical and not so easily fooled.

Why are these scions of science trying to breathe life back into an argument that even the ABC had given up on? Well, the old saying "Follow the money" may be appropriate, and as there are no other looming disasters on the horizon at the moment(give them time)they need to do all in their power to protect their jobs...oops I mean planet.

I do wonder why the left-wing main stream media weren't so quick to alert us to the 30,000+ scientists who signed a document a year or so ago saying in no uncertain terms the whole man-caused climate change nonsense was a scam.

Apart from the obvious reasons that some scientists desire to reinvigorate this dead issue,why do others seem so quick to jump on the band-wagon?
It's difficult to say for sure ,but it seems that left-wingers with their hyper-green theology just want it to be true, to add weight to the extreme rants they've been issuing for years.These wind-powered Chicken Littles really need some global catastrophes to verify the infallibility of their green papal decrees. And governments the world over love anything that gives them the opportunity to increase power and raise taxes.This climate hoax has given them the opportunity to do both.

Let me tell you as a non-scientist but reasonably intelligent being and as a Bible reading and Bible believing Christian, the earth will be destroyed one day but not by man. It will be destroyed by God.When He determines the time is right, the world will be destroyed, at His command and in it's place will be a new heaven and a new earth, the home of righteousness.He also is going to judge every man and woman for all the sins that offend His holiness ,including lies. And those who have not prior to that day accepted the amnesty he offers in Christ will experience an eternal warming which will make some rue the day they continued to push the scam of global warming.

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