Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New World Order

Matthew Johnston over at The Narrow Way has graciously asked that I contribute regularly on his fine blog,which I have with great pleasure agreed to do.You can find the link on the Profile page.(I'm still learning the ropes with computer skills and am not sure how to link here in the body of this post.)

Any way, this gives me the opportunity to post information here of a more political nature in relation to the scheming that I believe strongly is going on behind the scenes as men conspire to achieve their Utopian goals of global government,global currency and a global religion.

The goal of this is simply that we not be blind-sided as Christians;especially in relation to the global religion that is being forced on us, sometimes by those respected as Christian leaders.

The following article by Michael LeMieux is useful for the quotes of well-known politicians in regard to their dark aims.

Click on link to read article

Michael LeMieux -- The Military and the New World Order

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