Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Willow Creek's delusion about 'social justice'

An interesting article over at World Net Daily highlights the ongoing agenda of many churches to abandon biblical principles in favour of a nice sounding but undefined "social justice" priority.For those unfamiliar with WND it's one of the largest Internet news providers today and is certainly not focused on purely Christian issues but is primarily American political commentary.The founder and editor Joseph Farrah does openly confess Christ however, and often presents news that the mainstream media ignore or downplay.

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Willow Creek's delusion about 'social justice'


  1. I dont agree with climate change... BUT heres a thought:

    Willow, like us, believe what they have been convinced to believe by people who 'appear' smarter than ourselves... Neither you or I have done research enough to garner an opionon outside of what the people we trust tell us... To assume Willows foolishness in this is to assume our own :)


  2. Hi Adam

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.

    As for global warming'my hope is that people think through the issues involved and not accept without question what we are being 'fed'There are enough credible scientiste questioning 'man-made global warming' to raise a lot of questions in my opinion.

    As for Willow Creek it concerns me that they are so closely aligned it seems with Tony Blair , Blairs blatantly UN sponsored interfaith agenda is something that Christians should not be a part of if I'm reading my Bible right.But it's up to all Christians to make sure they are informed and making Christ honoring decisions(not always so easy)

  3. Should I not do business with a man who is of a different religion to me?

  4. Hey Adam,

    Straw man argument. Blair has had the pulpit in Willow Creek.Different than doing business with.Have you not read the scriptures regarding syncretism and God's view of it.

  5. The problem I have is that it needs to work both ways - We argue that we should be able to teach 'faith' and 'creation' in state schools... even though in essence it is an atheistic structure... We tell them they are wrong for closing their doors entirely to views which are different to their own............................ Is God against that?

  6. Adam, Hi again,

    I'm not entirely sure what you are arguing for or if you are just arguing for fun.But please consider

    1/ Schools are not churches. Jesus did not invite different religious views to be aired at His meetings.In fact he condemns churches who do so
    2/Read Rev Chapter 2
    3/ Schools are supposed to present truth as far as they can and are not meant to support any particular religious view. Of course evolution is a religious view which must be accepted by faith and it shouldn,t have the exclusive position in schools which it does. However, my view is that state schools are so far gone we would be better to remove our children if at all possible.
    3/ A clear proclamation of the gospel is essential for the eternal well-being of those who hear. Mixing the message of eternal life in Christ with interfaith monstrosities or liberation or liberal theology is robbing people of the chance to hear the gospel of salvation and respond accordingly.

    blessings brother

  7. Certainly not arguing for fun... I wouldn't even suggest it was arguing... I just call it thinking...

    I was unpacking the use of the word 'syncretism' which to the best of my memory is the amalgamation of different schools of philosophy... or in our case religion...

    I (obviously) don't agree that our pulpit should be divided over the core values in which we believe... That would be both silly and counter-productive... I was simply pointing out that it can seem that we are happy to compromise that stance when it comes to getting what we want...

    I personally know people who have lead as senior staff in Bill's church... I was mentored by one for several years and owe to him a lot of my theology - I can honestly say that Bill is as protective of his pulpit as you or I would be... And so we do need to trust that he knows what he is doing - and trust that if he gets it wrong he's open to hearing what God has to say...

    What I don't like is the tearing down of other churches and ministries... As I said to you once before - If God wants you to challenge a church about their theology he will send you... I think that example is shown numerous times throughout both the old and new testament............


  8. Just because God sends you, doesn't mean they'll listen. You my friend might be better off listening to what God says in His word rather than defending those who are leading God's sheep astray. Check it out in the Bible; and your view of blindly trusting men is a dangerous one in my opinion. I hope you don't drink the Kool-aid

  9. Lol

    What i feel like, and dont take this the wrong way, is that your saying 'why dont
    you listen to my interpretation of the word of god' - none of us understand fully
    the nature and character of god and whilst I believe the bible IS his true and
    inspired word I have to recognize that when I read it I'm reading it through my
    flaws, through my desires, through my experiences, through my expectations, through
    my fears... And these things affect what I read, no matter how maticulous the
    study... So either you too are preaching things that dont line up with the character
    and nature of God and are leading astray his sheep OR you have somehow managed to
    understand and embrace the full truth and character of God like no person in history
    (other than Jesus) has done before...

    Furthermore I might just add that I was recently given the boot by a church for 'not
    showing enough grace to my team' - I certainly know what it means to stand up
    against what I believe to be sin... BUT I was on staff there - I had a right to
    challenge that culture like I did... It may not have been recieved - but that is out
    of my control - I dust off my sandals and I move on :)

    Can I just ask 1 more question: I think I remember you saying your a calvanist... If
    thats true why does it matter how many churches preach a false gospel?? isnt the
    theology that his sheep will hear his voice??

    Just some thoughts :)


  10. Hey Adam

    I appreciate that you have taken a stand on truth.Good for you.We need more of it.

    Let me say, I don't think it's scriptural that you need to be a paid team member to speak truth to God's people. All of us have a responsibility to do what we can to ensure God's word is being accurately communicated. You have done your bit and paid the price;I'll do my bit and no doubt will pay the price.

    But please Adam (you seem like a passionate committed follower of Christ) don't buy in to the post-modern, we can't know truth nonsense.All the 'big stuff' in the scriptures is easy to understand although not always so easy to do.
    As far as following Calvin, I follow Jesus and appreciate the insights of many men of God today and through history but I don't like being tagged,labelled and filed away.I think you will find Calvinism doesn't preclude speaking truth,and challenging error, though.

    Bless ya

  11. I appreciate that I did it too - haha - I didn't appreciate it much at the time though... lol...

    I agree that you don't need to be on staff... That was certainly my experience - I just feel like sometimes we are looking for reason NOT to support someones ministry instead of reasons why we should... Gods word and his word are sovereign above all things - and he can/will use all things for the good of the righteous and those who seek him... even willow :).

  12. Hi Adam,

    This is now the 12th comment in this thread. Does that mean we're going steady or something?:)

    Anyhow, you seem like a good bloke(I don't care what everyone says about you, you're not all bad:)]

    Let me assure you you don't need to look very far to be confronted with churchianity nonsense today. And yes, God is sovereign and He sovereignly commands us to earnestly contend for the faith once for all delivered to the saints Jude vs 3

    Bless ya mate

  13. we are only going steady if it says so on facebook............... that seems to be the general rule now...