Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Accuser of the Brethren

I haven't posted a blog for some time now. I've been researching an issue which is proving to have tentacles so widely spread it's difficult to communicate in a simple blog...perhaps a book in the future .We'll see. That subject incidentally is how the christian church has been infiltrated by the deliberate placing of "Trojan Horses"....I know, I know. Very conspiratorial. The problem is that I do believe it is a conspiracy. More on that later.

Today I was watching Joseph Prince on the ACC." Why ?"you might ask. Well ;blatant heresy inspires me in a funny way;it motivates me to do something about it.
Mr Prince made an interesting comment in the midst of his prosperity talk.
He said "The devil doesn't attack personally;he uses bloggers". Of course the crowd laughed at his witty remark and then he moved on to talk of how satan is the accuser of the brethren.

While the statement about el diablo being the accuser is true , it got me to thinking what does that mean exactly?

Some thoughts .

1/ Accusation is an attempt to tear down or destroy. To point out where someone is seriously in error(whether in doctrine or action) for the purpose of restoration to truth is not accusation but godly challenge which is biblical and Christlike...not satanic.

2/In the process of accusing bloggers of being agents of satan,Mr Prince has in fact become an accuser of the brethren. In fact if the blogger(s) he has in mind are actually operating in obedience to the Lord Jesus he has come frightfully close to the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

3/The different responses to accusation are .a/Consider if the accusation is true and if so...change!If not ,carry on.

b/ Consider if the accusation is true,and refuse to change.

c/ Refuse to consider the accusation.
Only one of those responses if godly.

While it is true that the devil is the accuser ;the Holy Spirit is the convictor ,and sometimes we can confuse condemnation and challenge.

4/It may well be true that at times bloggers can be harsh or unloving..but that doesn't negate the responsibility to examine their claims and adjust if necessary.Sometimes our harshest critics can be our best friends if they point out things that we need to deal with.

5/Having said all that ;let me make some remarks re: Mr princes ministry.

Joseph needs to get another Bible.The one he's using seems to have large portions missing. He speaks much on grace which is a vital subject. but I have yet to hear him speak on sin ,judgement or God's holy wrath against wickedness.I actually think we cannot appreciate nor appropriate grace till we understand sin,judgement and Hell.

I believe Mr Prince is off track and needs to repent and begin to preach the whole counsel of God.Of course I guess that puts me in the category of the bloggers to which he referred.

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