Saturday, February 27, 2010

"Christian" Media

Allow me to vent a little this morning.

From time to time I tune into the Christian TV or radio station ...and it aggravates me no end .

Surely when you go onto a Christian channel or station you should be able to come across something ..well..Christian.

But the sad fact is that I can listen to the local "christian" radio broadcast and hear nothing that is actually biblical Christianity (Why do the programmers think a song that mentions prayer or heaven or love is somehow christian.Come on guys get a Bible or open the one gathering dust on your bookshelf)

And the Christian TV? Well if anything it's worse.There are some good preachers on at times ..but usually at three in the morning but the prime spots are taken up with Benny Hinn or Joseph Prince or Joel Osteen. Come on guys give us somebody who will preach the word of God with candour ,courage and conviction.

Come on we need to hear from those who are sold out to the Holy One of Israel and not to the Catholic Guy sold out to the "Holy Father" of Rome.

And if I hear one more scripture twisting teaching on "tithing"I'll..I'll.....(Why is it that all the false prophets and false teachers agree on one doctrine and one doctrine only...tithing)
I heard Robert Schuller preach a tithing message recently, as though this is God's word and he is committed to the word of God.Come on , a few moments before he read a Psalm and deliberately skipped the verses he didn't like. Is there no fear of God in these guys ? Don't they know that they will stand before the Lord of Glory someday and give an account?

Thank God for the internet. I actually think the web is God's provision in these last of the last days.What used to take weeks or months to research can be done in no time today.
Some say you can't believe everything on the internet;well you can't believe everything in the library either; and at least you can hunt around and find some good Spirit -filled Bible preaching men of God on the web.

O f course the answer is to get alone with God and seek His face and His insights for ourselves...but tragically so many think that the smiling genial heretics on the Christian TV or radio station represent authentic, Biblical Christianity.

They couldn't be further from the truth.

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