Saturday, February 6, 2010

Faith in 3D (Discernment,Deception and Delusion)

Among all the amazing life changing and thought -provoking statements that Jesus made ,this one grabbed me recently;

Mt13:12.For whoever has,to him more will be given,and he will have an abundance;but whoever does not have,even what he has will be taken from him.

At first glance that doesn't sound fair, Why give to the one who already has?Well the context clarifies.See the Lord is talking about the mysteries of the Kingdom.In other words insights and revelation in to God and His ways through the Living Word of God.

In Mt 16, Jesus commended Peter for the Holy Spirit given understanding of the Divine identity of Christ.And every true Christian has been given that truth by God Himself.

Now ,it seems ,growth in spiritual matters proceeds according to this principle "whoever has to him more will be given"When God gives us illumination into some aspect of His Kingdom we can have one of two responses.We receive it and embrace it or we ignore and reject it.

Now the issue itself may seem fairly minor or it may have the potential to radically shake up our lives.Regardless God is observing to see how we respond.
This is where it gets exciting... and scary!
To accept ,receive and embrace God's truth will lead to more insight and understanding. We will be entrusted with more and our eyes will be open to more truth pertaining to God and His ways....But if we deliberately block His truth from finding a resting place in our lives then gradually (and sometimes not so gradually)we will lose what we already had. A Christian may lose their sense of God's presence,peace and assurance.To continue down that path wiil eventually lead us to deception and according to 2 Thess 2:10-12 if we have not a love for truth this can lead to delusion where we believe the lie.

I fear for those who refuse to examine their beliefs in the light of scripture.(Christians I'm speaking of here)For those who refuse to be corrected or even to discuss major Biblical truths are opening themselves up to deception and delusion. What a terrifying place to be.

I have spoken to pastors who refuse to sit down and in a mutual seeking open a Bible to see what God has to say. What a travesty and a tragedy ,After all it's their #1 job to understand and communicate God's truth to God's people.

Our awefull responsibility is to respond well to God's truth.There is reward for those who do ...and terror for those who don't

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