Monday, February 8, 2010

Faith in 3D(Discernment,Deception and Delusion)

To finish on the subject I've been covering the past couple of posts.

I'm not really happy with the way I've communicated this but for the time being it will have to do.

Often when someone is trying to sell a new doctrine that is not backed up scripturally they will say something like this."All truth is God's truth"Well that may be true but not everything that claims to be truth is. In fact that concept is almost guaranteed to lead you straight into deception because it puts the whole thing backwards. To decide what's true and then put God's blessing on it is a travesty! The only safe way to find truth is find out what God has clearly declared in His eternal,immutable completed Word.

Tragically ,I have seen people I care about deeply reject some aspect of God's clear revelation and rapidly shipwreck their faith.
People that I've known well ,prayed with and had deep fellowship with(even ones that God used to help me come to faith)have abandoned Christ and renounced Him and His people and His Word.

The issue of how we respond to the Truth of the Almighty is not some academic philosophical theorizing. No!...this affects peoples eternal destinies.
When I encounter Christians who are so entrenched in a theological position that they refuse to consider what God has declared in His Word , I fear for them ,for this is a step onto the wide well-travelled road that Jesus warns us about.

When I hear Christians say "My God wouldn't send anyone to Hell"I say" well you need to repent of idolatry because your god is not YHWH God of the Bible"

When a Christian leader says to me "I have no need to fear God because perfect love casts out fear" I have to respond #1 You are not perfect and neither is your love#2The scriptures tell us repeatedly that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and therefore you are by Biblical definition a fool #3You have misinterpreted and twisted that scripture in 1st Jn that speaks of a Christian no longer having to fear the judgement.

To often God's precious people passively accept heresy and foolishness in the name of tolerance and unity , when really it's either ignorance, arrogance or the fear of man.

Precious child(or potential)child of God ;seek God's truth as if your life depended on it ,for indeed it does . Embrace and receive whatever He shows you in His word and reject ,challenge and rebuke those who speak lies in the Name of the Lord.

As far as the Osteens ,Maclarens Houstons etc etc etc go, God may be their Judge but God's people are their prey!

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