Thursday, April 29, 2010

Book of Eli: A movie review

When a well known Christian commentator in the U.S. praised this as the most Christian movie to ever come out of Hollywood , I couldn't wait to see it.
Well, eventually it made it's way to our shores and away we went.

So , my opinion you ask.

During the entire movie Jesus is never mentioned once that I can recall.The gospel is in no way that I could pick up alluded to and certainly not clearly articulated.
And so I would have to say that this movie does not qualify as a Christian movie -and yet there are some aspects of the film that Christians can take some comfort from.

The plot presents a story about a man ,Eli(played by Denzel Washington) who has in his possession the last surviving Bible on the planet.He is entrusted by the Lord with the task of delivering it to a destination which takes him 30 years to reach.

The Bible is presented in the movie in a very positive light and as the only hope to rebuild civilization after an apocalyptic event. The 'baddies 'in the story want to acquire the Book to use it to build their own power base.

It's a dark movie with little humour but there is some interesting twists and some intriguing symbolism.
There is a fair amount of violence although it's not glorified and no blatant sex scenes.
I must admit I was disappointed but perhaps was expecting too much.(A movie doesn't have to be very Christian to be the most Christian movie out of Hollywood)Still I can see it as a good conversation starter with unsaved friends and in fact I already have had the opportunity to speak to a couple of people about the themes the movie presents

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