Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Lord Jesus Christ...and Bert

Bert's not his real name but his story is true.

As far as I know ,Bert is not a follower of Jesus... at least not yet. But it seems Jesus has been following him.

When I was a brand new Christian I knew Bert well .I often spoke to him about the Kingdom of God and often spoke to his family about all that Jesus had done for me.

Initially Bert and his family were very interested and quite impressed with my story and the change that faith in Christ had made in me.
Bert's family all eventually professed faith in Christ but Bert began to backpedal.He had some negative religious experiences as a child and decided he wanted no part in this Jesus I was preaching.

One night we all (except Bert) were sitting around the dinner table discussing Christ and His word. Bert was watching TV a few metres away .He had it turned up loud to drown out the sound of zealous Christians joyously discussing Christ....when suddenly the show Bert was watching went off the air,there was the sound of static for a few moments and then ....a voice spoke!!
"Repent,for the Kingdom of God is at hand"then more static and the show resumed normal programming,

We all turned to look at Bert;our jaws kind of dragging on the ground.
He looked at us ,looked at the TV ,looked at us again; dumbfounded .Someone said "What do you think of that?!"
Bert's response "How do you know that was for me?"

Now I know some folks may have problems with this sort of thing .Can God talk to someone through the tele? Does God still do wonders in our day ?Is the omnipotent God still surprising people with supernatural events? I know that this event is, in comparison with the miracles of the Bible,a fairly minor interruption of normal circumstances. You may say "Someone being raised from the dead ! Now that's a miracle worth talking about!"

Funny you should say that.

A few years after the TV episode Bert had a massive heart attack.
The ambulance was called and his family rushed to be at his side .When everyone had arrived the ambos had been working on him heroically for twenty minutes. Finally they gave up and standing to look at Bert's family they stated the obvious "We are so sorry;but he's gone"
One of Bert's kids lifted up her voice and cried out to the merciful and powerful God to intervene.

And then. Bert. began. to .breathe!!!

Everyone was overcome with joy but the ambos warned us "Please don't get your hopes up.He's been without oxygen too long and if he lives, he will undoubtedly have major brain damage"

Well that was 20+ years ago Bert still lives and has no obvious health problems ..and still is not ,as of this writing, following Jesus. That does not take anything away from what God has done for this man and there is no doubt God will do more if he will call upon the Name of the LORD.


  1. Thanks dad,
    I have been told this story many times but I appreciate you sharing it again as it is always good to be reminded of Gods willingness to get through to us by whatever means necessary

  2. Anonymous,

    I'm not sure which of my grown up babies you are,but thanks for encouraging your old Dad.And your right;it is important to remind ourselves of God's goodness towards us.