Friday, April 9, 2010

I'll Be Calm

I'm trying to be good here .I'm trying to be calm. I want to present my case reasonably,logically with grace and patience.BUT....I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT SOME BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIAN LEADERS SAY!!!(ok ;breathe in breathe out)

This whole shamozzle with Warren and Piper has brought forth some interesting responses from our betters(I mean church leaders)
The very same leaders who in their blogs cut people to shreds for overstepping doctrinal boundaries are now telling us all to calm down ,it's not that big of a deal.Warren may be an apostate and possibly never saved at all;he may misuse and abuse the Bible ,he may consistantly dishonor God's holy word, but the fact that the great man has endorsed him is not really that much to get excited about.After all Dr Piper can be trusted ,can't he?Well can't he??? No !He can't! Why? Because he is a man .A human; subject to all the weaknesses and temptations that all men are subject to.One well known blogger/pastor somehow managed to portray that those who are expressing concern are shrill feminists or conspirasy theorists.Hang on a sec!It,s a shame that the man who single-handedly created this mess;Dr piper, is a friend and colleague of some of the blogging celebrities but those contending for the faith didn't create this mess John Piper did.Let's not forget that in our snide and sarcastic remarks to the "little people"
To tell you the truth I'm sick of the whole deal.I have no dog in this fight .The only thing I'm concerned about is that the gospel and the glory of God may get sidetracked while people play church games. It's already happening.To hear some talk you would think that it's an issue about reformed Christians and Calvin and fundamentalists and second separation and new calvinists and styles of ministry etc etc etc.But it's not .It's about the Bible and truth and a clear gospel proclamation.

Ok ,I've said my piece.My heartrate is coming down.It's all good....but if you happen to be one of the "little folks" who are concerned about what some church leaders are doing to our gospel;speak up, don't be silenced.Don't let them push you into the laity corner.In fact I'm becoming more convinced all the time that the so called laity(unbiblical term and concept) are the ones who are truly the warriors in Christ's army. They have no agenda other than being faithfull ,they're not concerned about trying to grow a church or keep the offerings up or building alliances with those who can help them in their ministry and any born-again Spirit filled believer is a child of the most high God and has every right to speak their mind...and those who think they can talk down to God's children best beware because his true church is holy ground.
And it's best to remember ;there are no great men of God only weak and frail men serving a great God

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