Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random Thoughts on Truth

"What is truth":Pontius Pilate asks ,not as the words of a seeker but a scorner

The truth is , truth is.

Truth is solid ,non malleable ,unshakable. Post modernists may deny it ,heretics may twist it,cowards may ignore it, sinners may reject it. Denominations lay exclusive claim to it, mentally and spiritually ill attempt to create it, some attempt to make merchandise of it.Truth is not determined by majority rule.It can be discovered ,it can't be invented.It must be declared but it may not be heard.
Orwell said "To speak the truth in an age of universal deceit is a revolutionary act"

JFK concurs with his statement"The great enemy of the truth is often not the lie-deliberate,contrived and dishonest...but the myth-persistent persuasive and unrealistic",and Amiel states "Truth is not only violated by falsehood but may be equally outraged by silence."

Truth is reality, to believe a lie ;delusion.Jesus said "My words are truth"

Men say "Who are you Jesus to make such a claim?" With all the authority of heaven and earth He declares"I Am the Way ,the TRUTH and the Life!

The truth must be spoken, it must be received it will often bring pain before it brings healing for it takes courage to admit you are a coward, purity of heart to confess you are defiled , imputed righteousness to acknowledge your depravity and resurrection power to see the need for the cross. Truth on a cross on behalf of deceived and deceivers alike.

If we won't bend to truth it will break us.

Friend bend your knee ,bow your head and bow your heart to Him .He is the embodiment and ultimate revelation of truth.

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