Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Church of the Living God

There is a group of people walking this planet who seem to not belong.They are the called out ones ,the ekklesia ,the church of the living God.They are from every nation ,tribe and language, and each one has a story of how the God of Glory met them in their sin and released them into redemption.They are bound together with heavenly bonds ;there is a Book in their hands (and hearts) and a Name on their lips...Jesus. They seem other-worldly at times to those around them... because they are ,their citizenship is in Heaven and this current world and it's events interest them...but not too much.

They don't agree on everything but they know a brother or sister when they meet one and they love ;each other and what God has done IN each other.They are not usually the wealthy or the noble or influential by the world's standards ;they know that their God chooses the weak things of this world to shame the wise.They may or may not be able to articulate it well but they understand that God has opened the eyes of their heart and enlightened their minds by His pure grace towards them. They are called the salt of the earth ,the light of the world and although they don't understand all that means ;they accept it because these are the words of their King.

This people are the most influential group on the face of the earth...but their influence is not political or economic or through popularity,it's the influence that comes through heavenly means .They are meek and humble and often ignored (or despised )but they have weapons that the worldling simply does not comprehend .Their weapons are not carnal and earth bound but divine .Kingdoms rise and fall ,rulers come and go but this humble band of brethren endure forever.Their message is eternal and changes the destinies of men and nations. They are the temple of God ,the Lords field,the sheep of His pasture and ambassadors for the Highest Kingdom
Their prayers are heard in Heaven and their words are felt on earth.
They are pilgrims on a sacred journey ,worshipping warriors in a battle of love ,sanctified sinners recruiting for Glory, passionate proclaimers of the provision of God. Their transgressions forgiven and their righteousness given prodigals returned to the household of faith they are heirs of unimaginable wealth and brothers of the Son of God. They've been granted these honours through no credit of their own, but it's all been bought and paid for by Another and so with a humble gratitude they sing their praises to Him.All the wealth of the ages can not buy a place amongst them and yet any can join if they will bow to their King. They will stand in the judgement that all will face and with thankful hearts will gaze on their Saviours face.

The Church of the Living God


  1. A wonderful post Glenn!

    That is right from the heart of a pastor.

  2. I like community... I like going to strange places and being welcomed by a familiar heart... I like the 'belonging' you feel in those moments... I think that's how God wants everyone to feel.


  3. Thanks Matthew

    It certainly is a great feeling to know we belong to His church and His church'belongs' to us. I am amazed that God has placed such a love in me for His people(it was not always that way)and a compassion for those who are not His people, but I guess my burden is for those who are not His people and yet think they are.
    Blessings on you and yours

  4. You know I don't 'get' you on everything but I do on this- thank you.

    The language is old but a sermon by John Wesley called 'On the catholic spirit' has echoes with what you say.

  5. Thanks Graham
    I will try to track down the Wesley Sermon