Wednesday, April 7, 2010

What Are We Left With?

Moriel Ministries has posted a very straight talking article here that is well worth reading. Aussie Christians especially need to be reminded that we are hurtling towards the one world church predicted in the Bible and our cultural"she'll be right mate"won't cut it in these last days. Jesus warned us over and over to be aware, to be alert, to be watchfull, to notice whats going on ;especially in the religious world . Click on the link to read the article and can I encourage you ;when you have finished reading ;go to prayer.Moriel Archive » Blog Archive » What Are We Left With?

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  1. Moriel didn't even mention the unholy alliances that many of these religious leaders have with powerful globalist interfaith organizations such as the Council of Foreign Relations ,Catholic military orders ,Freemasons, the Moonies, Tony Blair's (interfaith) Faith Foundation etc etc. Keep your eyes open, stay in the word and prayer and beware of who you're listening to.