Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fundamentalists and Conspiracy Theorists

I am not a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but as the darkness of our age increases around us ,I predict we will hear these terms with increasing regularity.
These words are used most frequently by those who desire to shut down debate and sideline anyone who has the temerity to speak against the politically correct(or religiously correct) propaganda that is immersing us .

Fundamentalist is a word used to convey legalistic,hate spewing religious extremists but is regularly being used against Bible -believing committed and loving followers of Jesus.If a Christian speaks truth to power you can guarantee the terms fundamentalist and Pharisee will be brought out...and that is meant to end all discussion.

Now of course the original meaning of fundamentalist Christian as someone who adheres to the fundamentals of the faith has been tarnished by some who became elitist and unnecessarily harsh but that was because they neglected scripture not because they were being faithful to it.But the term has now taken on a life of it's own and has become an insult rather than a badge of honor for the faithful.

But there is another term being used increasingly against those who are aware of the prophetic instructions about the end-times.And this term is often being used against Bible believers by religious leaders!The term conspiracy theorist is meant to portray wild eyed extremists who see a plot in every event that makes the news.There are certainly those who have put the CON in conspiracy....just as there are those who"ve taken the FUN out of fundamentalist but to tar everyone with the same brush is a weak argument at best and deceptive at worst.

For Christians to say "I don't believe in conspiracy theories" simply means they haven't been reading their Bibles.There has been an evil conspiracy against God's people and God's agenda since the garden of Eden.King David ,inspired by the Holy Spirit writes "Why do the nations rage and the people plot in vain ;the kings of the earth take their stand against the Lord and and His Anointed"Ps 2.
There are things taking place today that are initiated by demons but carried out by men,and without going in to specifics in this post ,I believe it's imperative for God's people to be aware ,so they don't end up throwing their support behind wrong things,wrong movements and wrong individuals.Even within Christendom there are those conspiring against the truth ;sometimes in ignorance ;but often deliberately and with cold calculation.
Ez 22:25 talks about a conspiracy amongst the prophets and there is no doubt in my mind that some of the nonsense going on in the visible church today is more than ignorance or apathy's conspiracy.

Look ,I don't wear a tin foil hat ,I've never seen a UFO, and I've never noticed a black helicopter hovering over my home but I know there are powerful conspiracies being played out in our world today.. and some of them are happening in the church.

Do your own research ,investigate those who claim Christ ,yet push an ecumenical agenda.Do some homework on those confess Jesus but consistently sideline His word.Ask questions of those who say they stand for God but are allied with the devil's emissaries.This is not a day for apathy and ignorance but a day for God's people to have understanding and a holy zeal for truth.Dan 11:32-12:13.
You may not be thanked,you may be called crazy,but you may play a part in saving some from the fire...and that makes it worthwhile.


  1. Are the conspiracies human or supernatural (the god of this age)?

  2. Hi Mule Skinner
    Thanks for visiting.The conspiracies I believe are initiated by Satan and his co-horts which makes them supernatural in origin but are carried out by men and women who may or may not realize that their plottings are wicked and against the Living God.There is no doubt however that many powerful people today are heavily involved in the occult including some involved in the "church world"