Thursday, April 22, 2010

Roman Catholic Abuse: The Claims and the Facts

In these days of "evangelical leaders" pushing an ever more vigorous ecumenical agenda, it is wise perhaps to be reminded of the institutional corruption of the Romish religion. You may find this helpful as you minister the love and truth of the real Jesus Christ to Catholics you know.

In my own experience of ministering to young people in a detention centre, I was often amazed that a high ranking local catholic would refute the Biblical truth I was sharing with the kids.

Not long after he committed suicide when it was revealed that he was a paedophile.

What a tragedy that God's name is blasphemed because of the wicked behaviour of those who speak in His name , yet don't know Him or His waysRoman Catholic Abuse: The Claims and the Facts


  1. The truth about Roman Catholicism must not be hidden.

  2. Hi Mule Skinner.

    You are right that truth must be proclaimed .And it's difficult at times to expose institutional corruption while at the same time expressing love for those enmeshed in such organizations... but that's the challenge,difficult as it is.